There are so many theories on how to tie Ghillie Brogues correctly we thought we should set the record straight. However when you reach the final stage (point 7), where you position the knot is much discussed. Opinion varies – to the front, to the side, or to the back.

1. Put your shoe on and tighten the laces as normal

2. Hold the laces at the end and do one twist

3. Pull the laces tight, still holding them at the end

4. Cross the laces over by putting the lace into the opposite hand

5. Do four to six twists, keeping the tension in the laces (the twisted part should be about 1-2 inches or 3-5cm long)

6. Take the laces and cross them behind your leg

7. Bring the laces back to the front and tie them in a normal knot, then double knot

You now have perfectly tied Ghillie Brogues!