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Elegant Diamond Print Irish Dance Pumps


Diamond Print Irish Dance Pumps

All the benefits of our popular original revolutionary gel pumps but features a diamond print and special light reflecting coating that allows the lights to reflect off it so it adding that special sparkle to your feet. This pump is black and can be worn to compete with so dazzle the competition and with your new Diamond pumps.


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Diamond Print Irish Dance Pumps


Diamond Print Irish Dance Pumps feature a full shock absorbing ‘soft gel’ cushioned insole.

The ‘soft gel’ cushion is a revolutionary shock material that still allows the dancer to feel the floor but adds the essential protection and desired comfort that you expect from a performance sports pump.

Perforations throughout the gel layer increase the breathability and help with wicking.


There is a layer of shock dispersing Noene surrounding the actual toe area, giving protection to the area that requires it the most.

The pumps have a quality grained soft leather finish and have been made using an arch last to accentuate the point whilst giving arch hugging profile support.

The pump has a split suede sole finish for maximum flexibility. There are extra eyelets at the ankle for better support and fit around the heel.

As with every Ryan & O’Donnell shoe, it will include NOENE, our shock dispersion insole.

NOENE is the ultimate shock absorption and dispersal system, absorbing about 98% of the shock which in turn helps to relieve the pains of tendinitis or repetitive strain injuries

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